Coronavirus disease Covid-19 in Plaistow


Coronavirus (Covid/19) arrived in March and is affecting the Plaistow. There are restrictions in place to stem the spread. Social distancing, a 6 foot space between individuals, facial masks are being worn in public, non essential business is closed.

Covid19 arrived in March


The coronavirus has reached Plaistow, New Hampshire. State guidelines have closed non essential business, schools and have requested people self quarantine by staying at home. If you are in public social distancing, keeping 6 feet of separation and wearing a facial mask covering the mouth and nose are asked.

2020 A new beginning

Today the PHS is once again an active webpage. It has been awhile since the last update.

The photograph indicates what can happen when something we had is not maintained.

Please let us know your interests, use Contact Us, thank you.

Plaistow Historical Society




Volunteers Needed

The Historical Society is in need of volunteers. If you want to help, come see us.

Town Hall

The center granite piece inscribed TOWN HALL, pictured here in the old Town Hall circa 1890, can be found in the basement foundation of the new Town Hall built in 1895. It is located on the west wall, just below the current entranceway.
During renovations to Town Hall the granite piece has been partially blocked from view by the new heating system.
Some folks are hot under the collar for the over site when replacing the heating system but others are cool to the idea of making any change.

Accessing the Plaistow Historical Society

Would you like to visit us at the museum, everyone is welcome.  It may not be easy to stop in on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. when we have scheduled our work session.  All you need to do is let us know when you can make it. Call 603 382-1675 and leave a message on our answering machine, we will get back to you.  An e-mail to  is another way to contact us. Hopefully, you want to become part of our organization. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Toddlers Trick or Treat Oct. 31

The museum will be open at 10 A.M. to welcome Plaistow’s toddlers.

Pictures of toddlers taken last year will be available , there is no charge.

Update to previous articles on Plaistow Schools

On our Facebook page,, a series on the old school houses in town made us aware of some information which is in error on this website. The schools were mis-identified as District 1 through 4 and the locations also. The correct information:

In 1896, the first Pollard School was built, thanks to generous donations of the land and money from Arthur Pollard. Children from the four district schoolhouses (pictures of which we posted earlier) began to attend the new graded classes in this two story building. At some point, the #3 schoolhouse by the Town Hall was torn down. The #2 schoolhouse at Kelly Road ceased to be a school once all the northern kids went to Pollard in the early 1900s and that building was moved to 127 Main St. becoming the new firehouse in 1920 (now the PHS). The #4 schoolhouse by Brandy Brow remained standing until it too was torn down by the 1920s. The #1 schoolhouse at Westville remained a school longer into the 1910s and was demolished in the 1920s.

Old Home Day 2013

The museum will be open and you are welcome to come by for a visit.


2013 Membership

Interested in joining us in preserving the history of Plaistow? Please click on the “Membership” tab above and it will bring you to a page from which you can print a Membership Application. Dues are only $10 for individual members and $16 for families. Are you a student? Then your dues are a miniscule $5! We’d love to have you and you will be doing a great service to your hometown in the preservation of its history (way back to 1749!).